Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How To Make Natural Acne Mask

Our skin does need to get intensive care so far of an attack from the outside like the skin dull, oily, dry skin, and acne. To get the nutrients the skin doesn't have to spend to buy an expensive chemical cosmetics. Enough with the painstaking make natural acne mask can make facial skin shining bright hassle free. Acne, how to make traditional acne mask, how to make your own acne mask, how to make a honey face mask for acne, how to make a mask of rice, how to make a potato mask, how to make a honey mask, one of the problems often complain about the face is acne. Nearly 90% of humans have experienced spotty whose names during his lifetime. Well, just like other skin problems, acne treatments also can be done naturally with traditional acne mask.

How to make traditional masks?

The Mask Star Fruit Wuluh

Star fruit wuluh fruit is a small green or yellow when ripe and it felt very sour. The high content of vitamin C can cure stubborn acne on the face. The trick is to grab the star fruit wuluh half-cooked (not too ripe or yellow), then wash with water until clean. Growing smooth and add a little salt. Squeeze the star fruit until soft and then apply it on the face of the breakouts. We recommend that you do this therapy three times a day for maximum results.

Papaya Leaf Mask

Take 2-3 strands of leaves of papaya that is old and dry until dry. After that wash with clean water and wring it out which could be summarised. Apply the papaya leaf juice on skin breakouts. This way trusted can accelerate the process of drying acne. Pawpaw leaves acne mask is quite easy is not it?.

Mask Radish

Take the horseradish to taste then wash to clean. After it shredded radish and filtered (taken which could be summarised). Turnip juice mixed with a little apple vinegar to smeared face breakouts. wait for it to dry and then rinse with clean water. Do every day to get maximum results.

Aloe Vera Mask

Ornamental plants this one also helpful acne cure. Here's how to take a stalk of Aloe Vera and cut into several small pieces. On a small section of the divided into two parts. Apply Aloe Vera to mucous fluid of the breakouts. wait until the liquid mucus dries then rinse with clean water. Acne Aloe Vera mask can be used every day without any side effects.