Differences sunblock and sunscreen

Okay, it's time on holiday and "escape" to the beach! You of course do not forget to bring the sunblock and contain a high SPF. However, after the holiday ended, in fact keep sunburn skin. Hmm, what's wrong, huh?

Sunblock and Sunscreen
Similar but not the same. Sunblock is more widely known society has the function to reflect UVB RAYS emanating from the Sun. While sunscreen has more functions, namely preventing skin exposure by UVA and UVB rays. The use of both are indeed better to protect the skin, but the formulas will make the skin feel oily and sticky.

Select the Sunblock based on skin type
Now there is a different type of sunblock on offer in the market. Then which one is suitable for you? It is worth choosing sunblock based on skin type. For oily skin, it is better to use oil-free sunblock. Sunscreen with this type of gel or lotion can be used by the combination skin. While the owner of the skin is dry, we recommend to choose the form of sunblock cream.

How To Use Sunblock
Not just a face you know that you have to protect with sunblock, but the overall surface of the body. We recommend that you use a lotion or a moisturizer before applying sunblock. Because the sunblock takes 10 minutes to sink in, then make sure you use it a minimum of 15 minutes before activity and re apply after two hours of usage.

High SPF Isn't Necessarily The Right
SPF or Sun Protection Factor contained in its pages are now increasingly high sunblock. Do you know if the numbers behind the SPF indicates the length of time an effective sunblock withstand exposure to sunlight? For example SPF15 multiply by 20 minutes meant 300 minutes or should the sunblock can last up to five hours. It is because 20 minutes is the limit of tolerance, according to your skin exposed to UV rays direct shock. However, for facial skin you should not use an SPF over 50 because of the content of oil in it high enough.

Expires Sunblock
Like other cosmetic tools, sunblock is also necessarily have expired. Sunblock can be used only a year since it was first used. If used for more than one year, sunblock will lose its function.

6 Tip sensitive skin care

Sensitive skin has a fast reaction to certain products, chemicals, heat, weather or environmental conditions. Care for sensitive skin can not arbitrarily, because a lot of face care products that are actually causing a negative impact on sensitive skin. Typically, the skin will look red, blotchy, even experienced irritation. This condition certainly makes uncomfortable and ruin appearance.

If you have sensitive skin, follow the following tips:

1. Do not use a facial cleanser containing substances exfoliate. If oily skin, use a cleanser that contains        salicylic acid to open pore blockage.
2. Try using products that contain natural herbs like chamomile and aloe vera, which functions as an anti-irritation.
3. Avoid using facial freshener that contains alcohol, because it is very reactive to the sensitive skin. We recommend that you select the fresheners containing lavender or witch hazel.
4. Choose a sunscreen that contains zinc or titanium diokside, since it can prevent the irritation of the facial skin due to sun exposure.
5. Clean your make up with a gentle cleanser that does not contain a SOAP (soap free) and soft (mild).
6. When the skin is irritated, while clean water and use face makeup remover wipes-shaped tissue. Avoid waslap because it was too hard. Do not use cold water or warm water due to temperature extremes can quickly irritate the skin. Use normal-temperature water.