Sunday, January 25, 2015

The benefits of Natural ice cubes for facial skin care

Besides being able to make fresh drinks, ice cubes too potent to smooth and caring for the skin of the face. As it breaks down as follows:

1. Brighten face

Cold ice cubes if rubbed into the skin of the face can improve blood circulation. Pressure and cold sensations on the skin of the face to make blood circulation so smoothly and the face will look fresh and healthy glow.

2. Shrink pores

Rubbing ice cubes on the skin of the face can eliminate the skin pores are great. Should be done before using makeup, so that your facial skin is more lustrous.

3. Reducing oil production

Treatment with ice cubes on the face, it is very helpful to reduce oil production in the skin of the face.

4. reduce the inflammation of acne

If your face is blotchy, sweep ice cubes just above the acne to neutralize the itch and pain. In addition, it is also powerful in the way of deflating the acne.

5. Reduce the burning skin pain

In order for pain and redness on the skin burning may be reduced, use a mixture of ice cubes with lavender oil. The trick, place ice cubes in a towel, then rub it gently into the skin.

6. protect the skin from dehydration

During summer, the leathers must have been dehydrated. Sweep ice cubes to the skin in order to be properly hydrated.

7. Eliminate puffiness under the eyes

Rubbing ice cubes on the bottom of the eye, can reduce swelling and makes the skin firmer.

8. Remove under eye circles

Ice cubes are also efficacious eliminate panda. However, you should use ice cubes made from cucumber water. Then sweep at the bottom of the eyes on a regular basis. This will refresh the eyes at once eliminate eyestrain after working for hours on end.

Ice cubes do indeed have many advantages in terms of beautifying the skin. But to remember, do not use too many ice cubes for all treatments. Therefore, the use of more than two ice cubes will aggravate problem skin you. the best way to use it is to wrap the ice cubes with thin clean cloth.