Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tips to have a toned and shapely breasts

Beautiful breasts and toned has become every woman's yearning. Unfortunately, not all women have it. In fact, not a few women who undergo breast sagging problems, that is when the breasts start to lose elasticity and firmness naturally.

Women begin to experience sagging breasts, usually a problem when entering the age of 40 years or even happened earlier. Breasts have no muscles, because the breast is made of fat, connective tissue, milk-producing glands and. Plus the gravitational factors, then the breasts will indeed slacken over the increase of the age.

In addition due to age, breast sagging is also due to several factors such as pregnancy, menopause, drastic weight loss, exercise weights, as well as using the wrong bra.

But, not to worry, you can do some treatments, so that the breasts can be toned back. Here's how:


You can do exercises that focused on the breast tissue and muscles around the chest, such as push ups and chest press and pulls. Chest press exercises and pulls done by pulling both hands back and then move forward to squeeze the breasts. Do not forget to use a special bra while doing this exercise.

.Olive oil

Breast massage using olive oil. This way is a good technique in breast firming. Olive oil contain antioxidants and fatty acids, so that it can repair the damage caused by free radicals and can prevent the occurrence of sagging breasts. It's easy, simply rub olive oil on the breast until it feels warm, and then began massaging the way up gently for 15 minutes as much as 4-5 times a week.

.Egg whites

Egg whites contain hydro-lipid which can lift the sagging skin around the breast. Here's how, simply whisk 1 egg white until frothy, then apply on breast and let stand for 30 minutes. After that, rinse with cold water and do once a week.

.Aloe Vera

Besides being able to grow hair, Aloe Vera can also tightens the skin. Aloe Vera, contain antioxidants that can prevent the occurrence of damage due to exposure to free radicals, thus helping maintain firmness of the breast. Do as much as 4-5 times a week with massaging the breasts are soft and circular for 10 minutes, then rinse using warm water with the use of Aloe Vera gel.