Thursday, August 14, 2014

How To Cope With Eye Bags

One important thing to note is that the skin in the eye area has a very thin coating compared to other areas of the skin on the face, but has a more complex structure. It makes the skin in the eye area becomes easier to swell (eye's part).

A thin layer of skin in this area makes the blood vessels under the skin become more easily visible. So when there is ' X ' factors such as lack of sleep, smoke, suffer from certain diseases, genetic problems also emerged, then a widening blood vessels become visible on the surface of the skin. The skin layer produces a darker colour around especially under-eye. In addition, a thin layer of skin in the eye area makes the skin collagen deficient structure so more easily visible. As a result, wrinkles are fine especially in the outer corner of the eye that is popularly called the Crow's feet or feel the Raven – easy to appear.

Real easy to cope with it alone. Use cream eye early on. Select eye cream-rich Moisturiser to keep skin moisture and suppleness, also contain antioxidants. Clean the skin around the eye area with a special formulation of a lightweight shine--but effective lifting of cosmetics--and wear eye mask can also help improve the condition of the skin surrounding the eyes. Make it a habit to do massage special areas of the eye (eye acupressure facial &) to help stimulate the circulation of blood in the area, to improve the work of the network of the spleen so that spared from problems with the bags and dark circles.