Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Caring Tips face that always seems Ageless

Young? I am sure everyone would like to always look young, but this is the cycle of life, everyone will gradually become old anyway. Because I was so want it always look young, one can cry when age 20 because he thinks he is not a teenager anymore. Actually not predicate a teen we should get, but how to take care of the body and also our face to always youthful. There have been many facial treatments to make the face always look young scattered in every city, but it would be nice if we keep our life pattern so that our faces always seemed younger, and not have to go to the spa and of course could save expenses. Well here I will give you some tips which is certainly related to the natural pattern of your daily life and would certainly have an effect on your face to look younger.
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Facial care Tips:
1. Fish
To be honest, the fish is indeed better than consumed you consume meat, because the nutrient content in the fish is indeed very much and obviously beneficial to humans. Especially salmon, a fish that have lots of omega 3 and 6 which is certainly very useful for those of you who want to always look young.

2. sugar
Caring Tips face that always seem to be ageless as much as possible reduce sugar consumption, since that sugar can speed up your aging, besides consuming too much sugar can also cause gout. Well if you are lovers of food or drink that is sweet, you could use a sugar derived from fruit.

3. fruit and vegetable
Multiply that consume fruits and vegetables, because fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water and also a variety of vitamins is very needed by your body and face, so seek to expand to consume fruits and vegetables in your spare time. In addition a lot of fruit and vegetable consumption you can make your face always look moist and far from dull.

4. white water
Create your very rarely consume water, then don't ever expect to have a youthful face. You have to consume a lot of water every day, so that white needs akna bodily fluids you are always met.

5. the mask
To get a youthful face, you can use the mask to your face, but here I do not recommend to wear a mask packs, however you can use fruits which is certainly more natural. For the mask, you can use the avocado and banana fruit