Saturday, August 16, 2014

4 simple steps a desirable Female Organs

For this one, it is generally considered a taboo when it is talked about openly, but with more rapid progress and the changing times inevitably must be disclosed, so that in case of problems can be immediately dealt with. Miss V or organ of femininity is a body part of a woman's most sensitive with sensitive understanding here is this organ prone developing dangerous diseases.

In fact, dangerous diseases that commonly attack the women came from female organ disorders. One of the types of dangerous diseases are cancers of the cervix, or uterine cancer. According to the statistical data reported by the United States in 2009, more than 11,000 women have been diagnosed with this cancer, where the amount is expected to increase each year. the disease is still a serious women's health issue. The best way to prevent cancer and other diseases of femininity is to treat the organ well and true womanhood.

4 Simple steps to Treat the Organ of femininity, among others:

1. After Urinating

Or small bowel movements should also be done properly it is given that some diseases such as herpes femininity organs caused from a lack of insight into the sufferer will issue this. When after urinating, rinse and clean the organ of femininity with running water, from front to back after it, dry it with a dry tissue. If you urinate in public toilets, wipe with wet wipes and paper towels to dry. As for bowel movements, the way a correct rinsing is also from front to back and then use a damp tissue or with anti-bacterial SOAP.

2. selection of Panties

Beginning with the selection of clothes in that very need to get attention. For the sake of the health of female organs, avoid buying and choosing panties made of synthetic fabrics such as latex and vinyl. Although the prices tend to be cheaper and more varied models, panties with these materials can cause irritation on the outside of the female organs. Two ingredients that you should choose is a cotton cloth and bamboo fabric. Pants in cotton cloth to make organ outer femininity can ' breathe ' relief and remain dry, while bamboo pants contain anti-bacterial. In addition, choose panties that fit the size of your body. When washing her panties, you should use anti-bacterial liquids and is done separately from other garments

3. during the period of Menstruation

During the coming months or during menstruation, time may be the most difficult to treat organ of femininity. The following should be noted carefully how complete and properly care for the organ of femininity while menstruating. How to care the first one deals with dressing, frequently change pads at least three times a day, mainly two to six days during menstruation. Time is running out, a rather thin pads wear it better than you replace the bandage once a day because of fluid that accommodated very little. You should use anti-bacterial bandage, because when the menstruation is the bacteria are easily spread. Stop discharging liquid cleaners or soaps containing perfumes femininity, because this also triggers the growth of bacteria. While urinating, make sure your female organs clean and dry after that use anti-bacterial wipes and more advisable to wear dry wipes

4. lifestyle and other treatments

This needs to be done to revamp the detrimental habits, lifestyle and food consumption for a person's body will give influence on the health of this organ. Thus, one of the best ways to care for the organ of femininity is to not consume alcohol, not smoking, not the consumption of fat and excess sugar, and multiply the consumption of fruit that contains a lot of vitamins. In addition, not mutually replace intimately related as couples then also do care organ of femininity to avoid diseases that could have been attacking the organs