Saturday, August 9, 2014

How to take care of facial skin with Cucumber and milk Mask

There are many ways of caring for the face that you can use to get the facial skin looks Clear White Appearance. Of course, how to take care of facial skin is the safest and recommended by dermatologist is to use natural materials. What materials can you use to produce the clear White skin Blushes? Cucumber and milk are natural ingredients that you can use to take care of your face skin.The practice of kan following tips to create a mask from the cucumber and milk that you can do yourself at home.

1. prepare a tablespoon of cucumber juice. To get the cucumber juice is very easy. You simply destroy one cucumber fruit until smooth, and then squeeze the cucumber by using a solution of clean cloth until no more water is dripping. Waste dregs of his, and the use which could be summarised as a mixture of the mask.

2. combine cucumber juice that has been prepared with a tablespoon of pure original milk that does not contain sugar.

3. Wash the skin with SOAP first face to face until clean, then dry with a soft towel but let a little moist still seems to avoid.

4. Apply cucumber juice and milk mixture to the rest of the face. Avoid the area around the eyes and mouth. So as not to dirty the hair, use a headband or hair clip before applying this mask. Allow the mask to dry out.

5. once the mask dries, you can start cleaning the mask by rinsing it with water. Remember, Yes, ladies, don't need to use SOAP because SOAP uses the face, the face that too often it can cause your skin to become dry and damaged quickly. Simply rinse the mask with clean water. It would be better if ye rinse again with cold water.

You can apply the cucumber and milk mask as much as 2-3 times per week. Use a mask with natural ingredients will not cause any side effects especially to cause irritation. Try to always use face care products that contain natural ingredients