Saturday, September 6, 2014

Brighten Skin Facial Mask With fruit Pineapple

Called pineapple or ananas, pineapples or also. This tropical fruit actually comes from Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay.

This sweet fruity flavor when ripe, with a distinctive yellowish color. Got a considerable amount of moisture content so that it feels fresh.

The name is actually derived from the term Ananas anana, meaning excellent fruit. Pineapple may be feared some women because it can reportedly increase the amount of vaginal discharge and can cause miscarriages if consumed excessively. But, as the name implies, the actual pineapple fruit have a lot of advantages.

In terms of beauty, actually useful for whitening the skin of pineapple and enlighten him. The content of vitamin C in them that makes the skin smoother, so bright and stay relaxed.

Pineapple mask can be used to get rid of acne scars, make skin color not dappled, and makes the skin stress caused by pollution, sun exposure, so it's more relaxed.

Pineapple mask materials:

100 grams of grated pineapple
50 grams of grated cucumber
1 tbsp honey

Here's How:

-Mix all ingredients and stir until it thickens
-Sleep and roll out on all parts of the face and lie in conditions relaxed. Allow the mask to dry out naturally.
-It may be somewhat painful, but slowly you will feel the face so more fresh and comfortable.
-After 20-30 minutes, wipe the residual mask and rinse face with cold water.
-Pineapple fruit masks do this every week so that the skin is softer, so the regeneration so better and brighter skin luminous.