Sunday, September 14, 2014

How to care for Naturally Face with Steam and Masks

How to care for the face naturally and simple will be presented through this article. If someone has a clean, white face then she should be grateful for what it already owned this time. Because there are still many others who haven't been able to have a white face and smooth. They still find the presence of acne, blackheads on the face and facial skin does not glow. In fact, they've done a more than adequate care, even using a variety of methods. Because beauty is the important thing, the retrieved from the face white, glow acne free. Then one must always maintain regular health and taking care of the face so that it stays pure white. What kind of how to care for a good face and natural? Let us refer to discussion below.

How To Care For The Face Naturally

Facial Steam

How this is actually taken from new technology in terms of facial treatments. Steam the face is how to care for the face by using the method of evaporation. This way is much applied in salons and estheticians. But steam facial here not to use modern technology at this time. We take the example of the way people earlier, long before the existence of a beauty salon. Women of ancient times, consider it the habits of our ancestors used natural evaporation method. It's easy, boiled water was already mixed with lime and betel leaf. When it is boiling, hover face friends on steam from water that has been boiling it.

How to care for naturally face is almost the same as done in the salon. It's just that, the tool used more modern, while we simply use the traditional way. How evaporation or steam the face is believed to be able to remove the blockage of the pores. Steam is also beneficial to prevent acne and whiten the face. Do this on a regular basis the natural method for preserving the health of facial skin and stay naturally beautiful.

Face Masks

Many products could mask the friends get in the market. The brand and its content is also very diverse. However, the mask does not guarantee the products use natural ingredients. Certainly still use additional artificial chemicals, and chemicals in particular on products that are not licensed can contain these risks either long term or short term. It is better if your friends use how to care for naturally with face masks natural self made. Use several types of fruits such as avocados, apples, strawberries, lemon as a natural mask.

The trick makes it fairly in a blender or in a soft right fruit. Afterwards you can vary your additional ingredients include milk, yogurt, honey or other natural materials that are rich in nutrients. Use the mask and apply on the face as often we wore masks. In this way is certainly more natural, healthier and the results were also better than the masks being sold in the market.