Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Importance Of Taking Care Of The Female Sex Organs

For women hygiene must be maintained in sex organs. The presence of bacteria and germs can cause dangerous diseases in this area of femininity. In addition, a plus is for the happiness of your partner. Treatment on the female sex organs really need special attention.

As a cleanser, use special cleaners femininity that does not contain perfumes. To choose the type of cleanser made from milk to get a stable pH in the area around the vagina. However the use of these cleaners do not use every day because of dwindling humidity can cause or make it too dry. Also avoid the use of the powder in order to scent her pussy. Before using the panties, dry vagina in advance using a towel or paper towels. If you want to wear patyliner don't wear too long. It should be noted also when menstruation to often replace the pads. At the time of washing the vagina do the right way, that is, from the front to the rear, if the upside can cause bacteria that exists around the anus can be carried into the vagina.

Besides the daily care, you can also do a hundred vaginas. This Treatment is a series of treatments that are performed in the traditional way which has been around since ancient times. The way that is done is with fogging on the sex organs. This technique is done by entering the body on a special large-sized box. Clothes worn special clothes is also the hundred. While doing a hundred, a sitting position to be precise with the pussy is right above the hole hundred.

The use of hundred, among others, betel leaf, cinnamon, fragrant, root and leaves were burned using mayosi traditional furnaces. To get the maximum results do waxing on sex organs prior to making a hundred. The process of hundred takes approximately 30 minutes. In addition to caring for the female sex organs, hundred also for body treatments. As a result, the body will seem more fresh and fragrant.

In addition to women who had been married, hundred can also be made for unmarried women for vaginal care NET, a doormat, and fragrant. Should be done three times a week to get the optimal results. Whereas, for those of you who are already married, do treatment hundred before sex with husband. Course will provide a distinctive, sensai will provide its own impression.