Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How To Whiten Elbows And Knees Are Black

One of the problems that plague women's knees and elbows are black. Knee and elbow women usually tend to be darker.

The reason is because the body has a thick layer of skin from another part of the body. The more layers mean more melanin, or pigment in the skin. The more melanin means darker skin will look.But don't worry, here's the solution to lighten your skin tone.

The most commonly used way is by rubbing a piece of lemon in the dark knees or elbows. However, this did not last long. The knees and elbows we have fewer oil glands than any other part of the skin, this makes the region both in dry and makes the skin so fragile.

Besides calluses may also cause this problem. The fix is to use a moisturizer and let the flexible part, so there will be a thin calluses are formed.

You can also soak the elbows and knees in the water drops of warm olive oil. When the skin becomes softer, then you can use the special sponge or pumice stone to rub and get rid of calluses.

The last step that must be done is to give a moisturizer every bath, before going to bed, or when you wake up in the morning. Moisturizers keep skin thin and fragile areas in the State still pliable.