Sunday, September 14, 2014

How to remove facial Wrinkles naturally

Increased age, facial skin was growing older. It also comes with aging wrinkles of the face. It is already common. But if you want to look more youthful, you can use the cream that is already trusted. But it would be nice of the ways we use natural ingredients. In addition to not much spending money, however little side effects.

Consume vegetables and foods that are healthy, is a pretty good way to make more visible facial skin appear youthful.

Like this natural way of removing wrinkles you can try yourself later for it to read first the trick below.


The first way that you should try is to do sport. Maintaining body condition remain fit, certainly making sport more you have been very fond. Do exercise in the morning is a good time. Why? Since the time of the morning, the body still feels sore and by doing the sport Agency will feel fresher. In addition when the morning air is still free from the pollution and more noticeably fresh.

Olive Oil

Unlike other oils, olive oil is very suitable for beauty treatments. As for the way you did before going to bed, do you wash your face with cold water, then apply olive oil. And let stand to bring to bed. During the morning, you just rinse with SOAP.


The fruit is easily obtained in this way is good for your face care. The trick, take some seeds of bananas, then puree until like cream. Then brush right on the whole face and let sit for 30 minutes. If completed, then clean using warm water, drying your case when Pat gently on your face and swab-swab.

Green Grapes

First you take the Green wine to taste. Then in dividing into 2 parts. Then rub the grape on the face until evenly and let stand for 20 minutes. Then wipe your face with warm water. Do this every day to get maximum results.

Watermelon Skin

When Eating Watermelon, do not throw away the Peel. Because now you can take advantage of as eliminating the wrinkles of the face. Here's how you wash your skin with clean. Then please directly at the rub-rub the watermelon skin on your face.


First you peeled, clear, then take his flesh. Then you apply that pineapple on your face. And let stand for 10 minutes. If it reaches the time specified. Your new clean face with water.

Bengkoang and potatoes

First you take bengkoang and potatoes, then puree. If both are already smooth, apply on your face while going towards the bed. In the morning, you just wash with SOAP. In this way, can treat the face tighter and shrink pores.

In addition, you can avoid increasing wrinkles on the face with facial Bed facing up, because if you sleep tilted. Then, the face will be depressed and the Wrinkly issue there.