Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lifting and Firming Mask

Lifting and Firming Mask: Crème de la Mer The Lifting and Firming Mask 50ml. This luxurious cream mask infuses skin with serum-strength power. Enriched with the legendary renewing energies of our Concentrated Miracle Broth. 

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Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

Facial Treatment Clear Lotion: The final part of your cleansing routine, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion contains AHA to gently and effectively removed impurities, dirt and dead skin cells to leave you with perfectly conditioned and ultra-fresh skin. The wipe-off clarifying lotion nourishes skin leaving it clean, lively and perfectly conditioned. 

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Age Perfect Cell Serum

Age Perfect Cell Serum: Age Perfect Cell Renew Golden Serum Advanced Restoring.

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Lily Spa Detox Mask

Lily Spa Detox Mask: Designed as a 5 minute brightening facial, the Lily Detox Mask is the bathroom cabinet must-have which transforms skin for a ‘red-carpet’ worthy impact. 

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Healthy Glow Powder

Healthy Glow Powder: Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder SPF 15. A fine, lightweight & antioxidant powder makeup, defends skin from environmental stress & harmful sunlight, offers ultra-protection with cotton flower & white rose plant cells, imparts a healthy radiance & diffuses a sensation of lightness, freshness, gentle on all skin types, even the most sensitive. Packed in the iconic Chanel compact case with a big mirror. 

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Quinoa Rich Body Milk

Quinoa Rich Body Milk: Quinoa Rich Body Milk by Skinfood. Rich body milk with quinoa extract that gives creamy layer, to soften dry skin and give a smother texture. Quinoa "Super-grain of the Incas" has a nutritional profile that is at least equal to that of milk as far as proteins, starch, vitamins and minerals go. 

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Friday, December 26, 2014

Valentine Assoluto Parfume

Valentine Assoluto Parfume: Valentine Assoluto Eau de Parfume 80 ml. Sensual and seductive, Valentina Assoluto stands for a modern heiress who knows how to play with her sensual aura, strong attitude and seductive. This perfume is a perfect choice for you who has a strong aura. 

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212 Surf Cologne

212 Surf Cologne: 212 Surf Cologne for Men, inspired by vacation and fun on the water, Carolina Herrera in collaboration with the house of Puig is launching fragrant pair 212 Surf : Carolina Herrera 212 Surf For Her andCarolina Herrera 212 Surf For Him. The edition for men provides aromatic marine aromas mixing with sparkling grapefruit and patchouli. The editions are announced as very optimistic, lively and addictive. 

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Most Moist Water Mist

Most Moist Water Mist: Most Moist Water-Act Skin Mist by Dr Jart, this mist give a refreshing feeling, suitable for all skin this product id alcohol free, moisturizing skin and restore the skin balance, moisture it without make your skin dry. Perfect mist for everyone. 

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Bounce Bb Cream

Bounce Bb Cream: A unique bouncing-textured beauty balm formula with rich moisturizing and brightening properties. Features an exceptional texture that gives skin instant firmness while concealing and correcting uneven skintone, blemishes, enlarged pores, and dehydrated skin. Features SPF 30 sun protection. 

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

White Objective Fluid

White Objective Fluid: White Objective Fluid by Bioderma. helps to eliminate brown spots and prevents their reappearance, Contains Vitamin C PO ​​released gradually long-term effectiveness, reduces melanin pigments, also contains filters against UVA-UVB, which protect the skin against solar radiation (SPF 25). Lightweight texture helps direct absorption.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

How to get rid of blackheads (Home remedy)

How to get rid of  blackheads (Home remedy) 

Get Clear, Bright & Acne Free Skin

Get Clear, Bright & Acne Free Skin 

Honey & Lemon Homemade Face Treatment

Honey & Lemon Homemade Face Treatment 

Simple Pretty Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Simple Pretty Everyday Makeup Tutorial 

This tutorial will teach you how to apply natural-looking makeup for everyday! It's simple to follow and a great look for those who have never worn makeup before but want a little bit more "oomph" for their day look.

Korean Skincare Routine

Korean Skincare Routine 

The weather is changing and since it's getting colder, my skin is getting dryer.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Lemon and sugar face scrub

Lemon and sugar face scrub 

How to Lighten Dark Knees and Elbows Naturally

How to Lighten Dark Knees and Elbows Naturally 

How to get Rid of Dark Underarms/ Lighten Dark Underarms

How to get Rid of Dark Underarms/ Lighten Dark Underarms 

Beauty Tips - Managing Oily Skin - Natural Home Remedies

Beauty Tips - Managing Oily Skin - Natural Home Remedies 

How to get rid of blackheads (naturally)

How to get rid of blackheads (naturally) 

If you're looking for the best makeup brush reviews or airbrush makeup reviews, you'd want to check this site out. It covers brands like Sigma, Revlon, Real Techniques, E.L.F, Mac and many more. Apart from those, airbrush brands are also covered at . Each pros and cons, be it a concealer brush, blush brush, kabuki brush and foundation brush are explained in great details. A good blush brush is essential in order to apply the right amount of product exactly where you want it, and to blend in.

There are many effective cellulite creams and lotions to suit you.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

4 Easy Movement to tighten Miss V Back

Often heard that gymnastics can help tighten kegel? miss V. what the heck is it? gymnastics kegel?

Gymnastics is gymnastics a kegel? in control and move the muscles at miss V, detained and released as holding pee. It's easy and can be done anywhere. Didn't even need any tools.

But in fact in addition to gymnastics kegel?, there are some motion exercises that you can do to help tighten miss V.

four easy movements of this you can do at home or at the gym and give satisfactory results.

Hip Abduction

Is the movement with the body perfect position, feet shoulder-width then opened the hand is placed at the waist so that the body remains balanced.
* Lift up one leg to the side to open wide
* Then lower your feet back and do in turn.
* This movement will help tighten the muscles of the buttocks muscles miss V, and inner thighs.
* Do 4 sets of 12 counts.

Stability Ball Reverse Curl

* Use the stability ball, position of the body lying with legs opened as wide as the shoulders.
* Lift up the foot position with one leg bent towards the stomach. Align the foot and hold it for a few seconds in the position of the foot drifts.
* Do with legs alternately.
* 12 count 4 sets.

Kickback leg curl

* Still on the stability ball, position the body face-down.
* Fixed Gaze straight ahead, then pull straight up and one leg and bend your back.
* When the foot is lifted to the top position, hold for a few seconds until the muscles of the buttocks, miss V, and thighs in a tense and seemed interested.

Hip Abductin

* Position the tilting body then one arm bent until elbows into the object.
* Lift up the body with the help of the other arm.
* Lift one foot up and hold for a few seconds.

All of the above movements serve to tighten the thigh in miss V. Very useful when done on a regular basis and provide effective results.

How To Tighten Breasts Naturally

Here's how to tighten breasts naturally are proven to be highly effective as a breast enlarger and fasteners, it is suitable for you who are less confident with the size of the breasts after breastfeeding or girl who has never been married though.See a full explanation about how to tighten breasts naturally below.

Gentle exercise to tighten Breast

Every woman will definitely crave for have breasts that are toned, healthy, and beautiful. One of the ways recommended by physicians with gentle exercise. This is a way that is safe, healthy, and can be done at home. The following are some gentle exercise is believed to be able to keep the breast remains taut:

1. High pulley, leg Opening as wide as the shoulders. Position the arm on top while holding weights. Keep the key to your stomach. Then swing your dumbbell with crossed positions towards lower and exhale slowly. Repeat this movement until the three sets.

2. Butterfly with dumbbell, expand both hands with elbows form a 90 degree angle while holding the dumbbell. Navigate the load towards the front so that the two dumbbell meet right in front of your chest, exhale slowly. This movement to train chest muscles middle section.

3. Push-ups, this movement resembled movements crunches. The difference is, make the gym-ball as the object of his. The position of the gym-ball in Your limbs. Pump body downwards. Waste of breath at the same time when your body is dropped down. This movement to train chest muscles and the central part of the top.

4. Dumbbell fly incline, body resting on incline. However, the position of the head is at the bottom. The arms are stretched and driven while holding the dumbbell. Dumbbell position parallel to the chest. Sleigh load towards the advance until it is above the chest. Repeat up to three sets.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

4 Tips for caring for the derma for teens

Teens generally accept derma problems, abnormally acne. It is because of hormonal fluctuations that generally happens during puberty. Want to accept a apple-pie and abscess chargeless face? Here are tips on demography affliction of the derma for Teens: 

1. abstain foundation

Not recommended for adolescence cutting foundation because it can accident their skin. To awning the arrears in the face, adolescence are brash to abrasion brave Moisturiser or concealer. 

2. Moisturized lips 

To boldness the problem, use the dry aperture moisturized aperture lightly. Please accept a artefact that is fabricated from accustomed and not adverse to the derma of your lips. 

If anytime skip sunscreen afore traveling out the House! Apply the sunscreen aback every 20 account if you accept to be in the Sun for a continued time. 

4. abstain blubbery makeup

Don't be too boundless if cutting makeup! Also not acceptable for derma health, boyhood blubbery architecture will accomplish the face attending older. 

Here are four tips to affliction for derma for teens. Keep derma bloom You agilely apple-pie it and use the adapted blazon of moisturized skin.

Friday, November 14, 2014

How to naturally treat skin exposed to cooking oil or burns

When there are things over is how the correct first aid when it just happened, when it happened to us, the fruit of our hearts, or others. Because this is very easy to make, especially on small children the fruit our hearts. Some say is told to put toothpaste on the affected area is hot they will be, there is more to tell the affected part to tsb heat soaked in water, but there are also forbidden him instead. There's more telling for smearing with honey.
Of course these measures aim to avoid that the skin does not "blister".

Here's how to use natural substances to treat burns:

Cucumber and potato

Take slice of cucumber and slice the potatoes with the same comparison. Peel and wash clean. Puree with a blender. Apply on agency/burns. Mix cucumber and potato absorbs heat in the skin well. Potatoes contain anti inflammation. Moisture contained in the cucumber will make your skin cold and burns improve. Let the burning on the skin until it dries, then rinse with cold water. (Could have used one of them: a cucumber or potato only)

Aloe Vera

Take a piece of Aloe Vera, take part of the flesh. Aloe Vera can be used safely on the affected skin burns. Apply on the affected skin burns. Aloe Vera is capable of absorbing the heat and pain of Burns, so it burns quickly recovered and improved. Or you can puree (blender), and then apply it on the skin burns.

Tomatoes and strawberries

Take the tomatoes and strawberries with the same comparison. Clean and wash the blender. DAB this natural cream on the skin burns. Very suitable for absorbing the pain of redness on the skin that are exposed to sunburn. Moisture content and vitamin C natural strawberry tomato mixture is able to dampen Burns sunburn, prevent the skin inflamed and nourish from outside.

Milk or Yogurt

Apply undiluted liquid milk or plain yogurt to sunburned skin compresses an unused. Leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse with cold water. Milk or yogurt will also be restored brilliant black skin due to sunburn.


Squeeze of lemon juice, mix with a little water. Apply on the skin is burnt (Sunshine). Lemon extract useful as natural vitamin C is very quick heal skin burns.

Oatmeal (Oatmeal)

In addition to good for breakfast, oatmeal can also be a useful remedy for Burns of Sun. Mix oatmeal with water to form a paste. Apply a paste of oatmeal on the sun burns, arthritis will cool the skin. Wait until it dries, rinse with cold water.

Baking Soda

Simply mix 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda with water. Soak the cotton in a solution of baking soda. Compress your burns with a solution of baking soda. Let stand 5-10 minutes. Rinse with cold water.


This treatment can be very helpful to the sun burns in the eye area. When you are on holiday at the beach, forget to wear sunglasses will definitely vulnerable exposed situated along burns the eyes. Phonecards soak in cold water for a few minutes, and then compress it phonecards for Burns in the eye area. Tanic acid in tea can help relieve the pain of sunburn.

These natural ingredients you should use on mild Burns, with note no open wounds. If your skin is burned started to dry up/peeling, don't You exfoliate with a purpose. Because it would be risky to open burns. We recommend that you rinse the affected skin burns with cold water.

Monday, November 10, 2014

How To Affliction For The Physique To By itself Admirable Skin

It cannot be denied that the derma affliction is one of the a lot of important things and the complete adorableness and to bolster the aplomb of a person. Be it a covering physique and face skin. 

The bloom of facial derma to become every woman's dream, assorted means of affliction and accomplishment has been done to accumulate the facial derma break admirable accustomed glow. 

Taking affliction of covering is not a difficult matter, and you aswell can still attending admirable if her analysis is done correctly. 

Here's an simple way in derma affliction for by itself beautiful: 

1. white water 

White baptize is absolutely an abominable lot of its benefits, in accession to demography affliction of facial derma and a advantageous diet abundant added account from this white water. Basically this can abrogate the baptize agreeable of the toxins and algae in the body. With bubbler baptize clay that settles on the walls of our derma will gradually disappear. Please alcohol baptize consistently for the bloom of your body.

2. Massage the rice Water 

Rice baptize is benign to blanch the derma of the body. The ambush is to yield the baptize of the rice acclimated to be quiet so as not to overheat. Again administer to the locations of our physique evenly. Let angle 10 account again bathe is with apple-pie water. It can aswell absolute you to the bath. Doing it this way is 1-2 times a anniversary and feel the results. 

3. Auto Juice 

Lime abstract has a lot of the appropriate agreeable of our body's skin. One of them is apple-pie the asleep derma cells. And not alone that the agreeable in the adhesive helps brace derma of our body. Grab some lemons, again bisect the auto ones. Again administer to your accomplished body. Again clean with affection that was bisected wet. Do this accepted every day and feel it.