Monday, June 30, 2014

Banish Acne with Masks Flower Saffron and Basil Leaves

Facial skin care naturally using natural materials certainly will be much safer when compared to facial treatment using medicines that contain a wide variety of chemical substances. Natural ingredients from nature tend to have no risk of side effects that are harmful to your skin. However, often people do way take care of face using chemicals because it can give you instant results. But if you are not careful, the chemicals can be harmful to your skin, you know. Prolonged use will even avoid damaging, not even fix it.

To get the skin white and healthy, did not always have to use chemicals and sophisticated technology, ladies. You can also make use of natural ingredients and make yourself at home. One of the natural ingredients that you can take advantage of the Saffron Flower is. This interest has been known worldwide as a flower that has a thousand wonders. The content of his very high antioxidant makes people often make use of them as healers of all kinds of diseases, ranging from respiratory ailments to anti depression. But you know, complex substances contained in Saffron is also useful as a bleach stain natural, facial scars and acne on the skin, as well as illuminating facial hue. Below are the steps you can use Saffron Flowers you try as a way to treat skin naturally at home.

1. prepare approximately 10-12 strands of Saffron petals.
2. take approximately 5-6 strands of fresh basil leaves.
3. Saffron petals Mashed with basil leaves until smooth and well blended.
4. Sweep the mixture all over the surface of the skin you like using face masks. Avoid the area surrounding the eyes and mouth. Let stand for about 10-15 minutes.
5. clean the face of the mask using cold water so that your pores are shrinking. Use this mask treatment once a week on a regular basis.

Saffron flower is safe to use for all skin types, so you do not need to worry about side effects. The use of basil leaves as a mixture of masks is to cleanse the bacteria that can cause acne in your skin. So, this mask is suitable for you who often have acne problems acne scars and blemishes on the face. However, do not forget to wash your face with warm water before using this mask Yes, ladies. Good luck!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Skin Care Before Going To Bed

Skin care before going to bed-good skin care facial skin and the skin of your body, of course there are many ways of doing it. Skin care can be done anytime. especially in the morning, the evening before going to bed, and after traveling. The third time is so good that you're used to doing on skin care. Keep the subtlety and tenderness of the skin would have to be a certain way and technique. This was done so that your face looks clean, healthy, and fresh. Skin health is something that is often overlooked by many people. When the skin is a pretty jug need care and good. Skin care before going to bed to prevent yourself from Acne or blackheads. With routine clean the skin before going to bed at night, you will have a beautiful face and skin are also healthy.
Skin Care Before Going To Bed

The beauty of a woman's face can be seen from the outside and from within. Don't forget to always smile. As with many smiling then you will look more beautiful. Beauty comes from within any radiating outward. skin care is done daily is also one of the right ways in having beautiful skin type is also smooth.

Beautiful not only in the daytime. Look beautiful can also be done in the evenings. So before you go to bed you will still look beautiful and fresh as day. How to skin care before going to bed, and my right you can try at home. Like for example:

Skin Care Before Going To Bed

1.Clean the face regularly before you go to bed will avoid you from whose name the acne. Acne is caused by sticking dirt pile on the face. So if your face is cleaned every night, acne naturally will not appear.
2.Many people affected by irritation of the skin. And if it does, then you can use the right products to eliminate skin redness or irritation. Select the product that can disguise the redness on skin irritation and makes your skin feel cold. Apply in the evening so that he could work well and make skin come back refreshed in the morning.
3.The skin should be cared for properly in addition to the facial skin is the skin on the bottom of the eye. If the bottom of your eyes look blackish and dried then you should too much drinking plain water every day and also have time enough to sleep. Usually people who have a blackish color on the bottom of the eye are the ones that lack of sleep.
4.To avoid wrinkles on the face, you can take care of her at night. It is evident that skin care before going to bed can also help you cope with wrinkles around the face. So you still look young. But be careful in choosing products that can remove wrinkles, because for this type of sensitive face then it will be more sensitive to the Sun.
5.Do not assume a paltry hand that feels rough. You can take care of the skin of your hands at night before you go to sleep. By using a good avocado to treat such rough hands then your hands can be subtle and soft. Skin care before going to bed is not only performed on facial skin only. but also on the part of the skin such as a hand or foot as well.

Friday, June 27, 2014

16 Mistakes Skin Care

Founder Jill Zander Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, Jill Zander, says we could be mistaken in doing skin care. Following his record as reported by female first:

1. too much moisturizer

Either choose a moisturizer can make the skin too dry or too oily. Daily use moisturizer should contain SPF. Night creams should be used at night. Do not apply moisturizer around the eyes, because their skins are thin. Thin skin that easily becomes filled with products that you use and cause a blockage that gave rise to white spots.

2. excessive exfoliation

Excessive flaking can cause skin redness and irritation as well as make the skin greasy. Non-abrasive Exfoliating using AHA, BHA and sour fruit, not physical, scrub can help prevent sensitive skin peeling off too much. For normal to oily skin peeling only needs to be done twice a week.

3. Rush using serum

When using the serum to the skin, it is important to let it sink in and dries before using a moisturizer.
Instead, the concentrated serum diluted with moisturizer. This means your skin is not reaping all the benefits of the serum.

4. use a Cream anti-aging prematurely

Do not use anti-aging cream before your skin shows signs of aging. If you use anti-aging skin before you need it will be detrimental to the arthritis.
For example, retinols for anti-aging skin, but if used before needed, or used in too high a concentration, the skin will actually exfoliate.
This can be likened to peeling skin-if you use it too early, too frequent or too strong, then the skin can become very brittle and thin.

5. use the Retinol without letting skin fit

Retinol has been shown to improve skin texture and brightness, anti-pigmentation and treat acne. When starting to use the product of retinol, the skin needs to adjust gradually because of vitamin A (retinol) can irritate the skin, approximately three days to two weeks.
Retinol is only used at night to minimize sensitivity to light. Make sure you do not use products with retinol concentrations are too high if you are younger.

6. false face masks

Like a moisturizer, choose a facial mask according to your skin type. For example, for oily skin, acne-prone skin, such as salicylic acid will cause normal skin-dry for flaking. If your skin needs moisture, please select which is hyaluronic acid or vitamin e.

7. forget the SPF

Rain or shine, we all have to wear SPF during the day because the Sun is the biggest cause of skin wrinkles. Better wear daily moisturizer containing SPF.

8. using facial wipes

Some facial wipes contain chemicals and high levels of alcohol that can dry the outer skin. When rubbing the strong-strong on the skin, particularly around the delicate eye area, tissue can cause irritation and redness.

9. sleeping with makeup

Sleeping with makeup can cause acne and enlarged pores. When we sleep at night, skin doing repairs yourself, then this is the key time to give your skin nourishing skin care products.

10. Without a pattern of applying the cream

There is a way to be aware of in using the cream for the cream can be spread evenly.
On the eyes, use your index finger to make a circle around the eye area. Use gentle pressure to this area because her skin is smooth and soft.
On the face, starting from the neck up, do the movements upwards against gravity. Do not pull the skin down.

11. press the stain

Pressing the stain on the face is one of the biggest crimes for beauty. Not only cause infection in a stain it, but also you can really make it bigger and even leave scars.
It can also spread the bacteria that leads to more places.
Treating excess stain will only irritate your skin and cause the oil to the skin to spread, and leave a bad fall.
12. Frequently changing products

It takes at least three months to see the effects of the new products that we use on the skin. Don't be in a hurry to use every time there is a new product and don't while using some of the new products. Give approximately six weeks for every one new product that will be used.

13. dirty makeup Brushes

After using the brush for makeup, do not forget to clean it regularly. When you use a makeup brush scrap, oil, dirt, and even bacteria can get caught up in fur. So clean the brushes downloads.

14. use the product for any type of skin

The quickest way to find out your skin type is to wash your face, let it dry out, let sit for 20 minutes, then do a skin test this:
Press a piece of tissue in some places on the face. Tissue paper will stick if your skin is oily. If a tissue is not attached to Your skin type means dry skin. If Kleenex stuck to Your T-zone area (forehead, nose and Chin), meaning you have combination skin.

15. a little sleep

Night is the time the skin repair itself. If you regularly take the time skin repair itself at night: with a little bit of sleep then there will be problems.

16. Forget eye cream

Eye cream is an important part of your skin care routine because the skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate. Use eye cream twice a day since the age of 20 years.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Simple Skin Care How To Clean and Not Dull

Have a clean and healthy skin naturally becomes a coveted all women, with having skin that is not dull but clean then it will look more beautiful and graceful. But what if our skin it looks dull? A lot of it cosmetics-cosmetics out there that offers a lot of skin beauty (facials included) with chemicals. Again with the name of chemicals must have no side effect that occurs, and you must be confused looking for skin care cosmetics that actually guaranteed quality. For that this time I will give it a simple and practical way of how to skin care so as not to dull and looks clean.

Simple Skin Care Tips
This tip is actually very 
simple, but in our opinion are still important enough to do to keep the skin looking cleaner:

Frequently wash your face every day, if can 5 times a day at the time you perform wudu so it would be better to wash your face skin regularly will keep it clean.
Reduce the use of drug treatment because it will cause any side effects later, if indeed we want to use it should be selective in choosing and adjust to the needs of the skin.
Prepare a special towel for face, because when a towel is made with 1 towel body towel fear not sterile so that effort you have done will be in vain.
Consumption of fresh fruits and contain many nutrients and vitamins as well as reduce consumption of fat.
Expand drinking water white

Well if this treatment is done with natural materials and you can use so that the skin is not dull and will appear white and clean, as follows:


Caring for the skin using Orange nutritious tissue toning, lifting the dead skin cells, whiten, as well as toning.
How to care for the skin using Orange: add one teaspoon of lemon juice in a large variety of facial masks that you often use. You can also make it as a toner with the way rubbing Orange slice on the skin. Wait a few minutes until it dries, then rinse with clean water.


Papaya Helps lift the dead skin cells.
Here's how: ripe papaya slices and rub it on the skin. Wait to dry, then rinse with clean water.
Note: for those who have sensitive skin so be careful.


Potatoes come in handy as the Restorer of skin cells damaged by burning. Especially very nice to remove under eye bags.
Here's how: cover your eyes with sliced potatoes and let sit for 15 minutes.
When you are finished, wipe with warm water.

Strawberry Helps tighten body tissue and nourishing to the skin due to its vitamin C.
Here's how: grab some fruit and strawberry puree and use it as a mask.

How to care for skin use the tomatoes that helps tighten the tissues of the body.
Here's how: rub the tomato slices on the surface of the skin evenly. Wait a few minutes before rinsing with clean water.

Nutritious watermelon adds to the moisture content of the skin, cools, and tightening the tissues of the body.
Here's how: rub a slice of watermelon on the skin. Set aside some time to dry. Rinse with clean water.

Nutritious yogurt tightens the tissues of the body and soothing the skin.
Here's how: mix two tablespoons of yogurt with one teaspoon of honey for a soothing skin. Rinse with clean water.
So before you buy a chemical-based cosmetics, it's good You can do in advance how to skin care as above.Pretty simple and straightforward.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Finding the Right Baby Soap for Your Baby's Skin

Baby Soap

If not all SOAP the same, especially baby SOAP? Do you really need to look at which baby SOAP you use with your newborn baby? Bath time can be worrisome enough for new parents with a new baby. If the water is too hot or too cold? How do I hold the baby specially when they are all wet and slippery? Did I do the right thing? With all these things to worry about, we must be absolutely sure that the baby SOAP we use is completely safe and gentle for your baby's skin.

Finding The Right Baby Soap

Keep Your baby's skin clean is one of the most important things you can do to help your baby stay healthy, and baby SOAP plays a very important role in keeping your baby's skin clean. So we need to make sure that we use:

  • a gentlebabySOAP
  • babySOAPthat ishypoallergenic
  • babySOAPthat isnon-toxic
  • babySOAPthatSLSfree

You need to ensure that your baby's soft SOAP because otherwise it can irritate your baby's skin during or after bath time, and this will be totally contrary to what bath time is supposed to do. Baby SOAP that you use should be hypoallergenic since you don't know what your baby may be allergic, and they are more vulnerable at a very young age. Baby SOAP also need non-toxic since young babies like to put their hands in their mouths, and you want to know that if your baby swallowing some baby SOAP, they will be safe. Finally, your baby SOAP should be Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS). SLS is the harsh chemicals that are used as foaming agents in soaps, including some baby soaps. The Journal of the American College of Toxicology said, "SLS can damage the immune system, causing separation of skin layers and inflammation of the skin." Is this something that you want to expose your baby's skin to use baby SOAP is hard?

During the first few weeks and months of life your baby, your baby's skin will develop spots, rashes, and some point. This is normal. They will naturally come and go, but if you are worried, then don't hesitate to contact your doctor or pediatrician. Even though your baby's skin is going through some tough times, if you are using the right baby SOAP, then you know that You care for your baby's skin as best as you can.