Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lifting and Firming Mask

Lifting and Firming Mask: Crème de la Mer The Lifting and Firming Mask 50ml. This luxurious cream mask infuses skin with serum-strength power. Enriched with the legendary renewing energies of our Concentrated Miracle Broth. 

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Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

Facial Treatment Clear Lotion: The final part of your cleansing routine, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion contains AHA to gently and effectively removed impurities, dirt and dead skin cells to leave you with perfectly conditioned and ultra-fresh skin. The wipe-off clarifying lotion nourishes skin leaving it clean, lively and perfectly conditioned. 

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Age Perfect Cell Serum

Age Perfect Cell Serum: Age Perfect Cell Renew Golden Serum Advanced Restoring.

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Lily Spa Detox Mask

Lily Spa Detox Mask: Designed as a 5 minute brightening facial, the Lily Detox Mask is the bathroom cabinet must-have which transforms skin for a ‘red-carpet’ worthy impact. 

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Healthy Glow Powder

Healthy Glow Powder: Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder SPF 15. A fine, lightweight & antioxidant powder makeup, defends skin from environmental stress & harmful sunlight, offers ultra-protection with cotton flower & white rose plant cells, imparts a healthy radiance & diffuses a sensation of lightness, freshness, gentle on all skin types, even the most sensitive. Packed in the iconic Chanel compact case with a big mirror. 

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Quinoa Rich Body Milk

Quinoa Rich Body Milk: Quinoa Rich Body Milk by Skinfood. Rich body milk with quinoa extract that gives creamy layer, to soften dry skin and give a smother texture. Quinoa "Super-grain of the Incas" has a nutritional profile that is at least equal to that of milk as far as proteins, starch, vitamins and minerals go. 

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Friday, December 26, 2014

Valentine Assoluto Parfume

Valentine Assoluto Parfume: Valentine Assoluto Eau de Parfume 80 ml. Sensual and seductive, Valentina Assoluto stands for a modern heiress who knows how to play with her sensual aura, strong attitude and seductive. This perfume is a perfect choice for you who has a strong aura. 

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212 Surf Cologne

212 Surf Cologne: 212 Surf Cologne for Men, inspired by vacation and fun on the water, Carolina Herrera in collaboration with the house of Puig is launching fragrant pair 212 Surf : Carolina Herrera 212 Surf For Her andCarolina Herrera 212 Surf For Him. The edition for men provides aromatic marine aromas mixing with sparkling grapefruit and patchouli. The editions are announced as very optimistic, lively and addictive. 

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Most Moist Water Mist

Most Moist Water Mist: Most Moist Water-Act Skin Mist by Dr Jart, this mist give a refreshing feeling, suitable for all skin this product id alcohol free, moisturizing skin and restore the skin balance, moisture it without make your skin dry. Perfect mist for everyone. 

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Bounce Bb Cream

Bounce Bb Cream: A unique bouncing-textured beauty balm formula with rich moisturizing and brightening properties. Features an exceptional texture that gives skin instant firmness while concealing and correcting uneven skintone, blemishes, enlarged pores, and dehydrated skin. Features SPF 30 sun protection. 

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Saturday, December 20, 2014

White Objective Fluid

White Objective Fluid: White Objective Fluid by Bioderma. helps to eliminate brown spots and prevents their reappearance, Contains Vitamin C PO ​​released gradually long-term effectiveness, reduces melanin pigments, also contains filters against UVA-UVB, which protect the skin against solar radiation (SPF 25). Lightweight texture helps direct absorption.

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