Thursday, September 25, 2014

How to make a coffee body scrub for beautiful skin

As we know, the coffee is a beverage that combined with hot water. coffee beans extracted from the fruit of the coffee that has been roasted peanuts and pounded until fine.Due to the womb superiority, coffee has the impact of stimulant in humans. That's why a lot of people who like to drink coffee, especially in the morning.

How to make a coffee body scrub

Coffee not only delicious to drink but also very utilitarian and to maintain the smoothness of the skin. The wearing of Scrubs to treat skin beautiful coffee regularly will make the skin feel smoother and longer will be white glow. This is due to coffee grounds contain anti oxidants which are smooth and brighten.

How to make a coffee body scrub for beautiful skin:

To lighten skin
½ kg beans mashed up to 1/2 smooth
Then add the olive oil and flour as needed so the Yam bean paste. Stir until blended.
Over coffee at all wraps your torso while rubbed-rubbing way slowly.
Let all 1 hour so that the oils found in coffee absorbs into the body.
Then, flush the body to clean using water that's been merged a bit of salt.

Coffee to get rid of cellulite.

Coffee in fact can also be used to get rid of cellulite in thighs, buttocks, and arms. Its use is also quite simple, i.e. by mixing the coffee dregs with olive oil as necessary. Give the combination was in the areas of cellulite, then let sit along approximately 10 – 15 minutes, then flush with clean water.

Do the above things regularly twice a week, in order to obtain satisfactory results.

Coffee to smooth skin and get rid of freckles.

Each man must yearn skin that is free from the stains of black, it can be done at home using basic ingredients of coffee.

Step smoothing skin and removing blemishes using black coffee that is passing way mash beans, add salt as necessary, and a few drops of baby oil. The combination was stirred by way of slowly, so that it becomes scrub/scrubs that are actually good for the skin. Give 1/2 side of the combination of coupled massage gently into all body and face. A gentle massage will lift the dirt.

Flush 1 times with clean water, then repeat once more wipe right combination into the body of the former as well as the face, then let sit for some time so that nutrients are absorbed by the skin, and then flush with clean water.

Coffee to brighten the skin of the face.

Coffee, though concentrated is black, but it can also be used to brighten the skin and face.
His pace that by mixing pure milk with coffee dregs. Goat milk is more prioritized, but can also replace it with cow's milk. Create combination which is not too dilute. Give it to a combination of skin, face, and neck, gently massage coupled. Let stand 30 minutes, then flush with warm water. Work by means of regular 3 x a week to obtain satisfactory results.

Coffee for skin tightening

Coffee is also beneficial for skin tightening, handle the wrinkles on the face, to look youthful. Turn the coffee dregs by mixing it with the egg whites. Provide on the skin area as well as the face, let sit, then flush to clean. Work by means of regular 3 x a week.

The Importance Of Taking Care Of The Female Sex Organs

For women hygiene must be maintained in sex organs. The presence of bacteria and germs can cause dangerous diseases in this area of femininity. In addition, a plus is for the happiness of your partner. Treatment on the female sex organs really need special attention.

As a cleanser, use special cleaners femininity that does not contain perfumes. To choose the type of cleanser made from milk to get a stable pH in the area around the vagina. However the use of these cleaners do not use every day because of dwindling humidity can cause or make it too dry. Also avoid the use of the powder in order to scent her pussy. Before using the panties, dry vagina in advance using a towel or paper towels. If you want to wear patyliner don't wear too long. It should be noted also when menstruation to often replace the pads. At the time of washing the vagina do the right way, that is, from the front to the rear, if the upside can cause bacteria that exists around the anus can be carried into the vagina.

Besides the daily care, you can also do a hundred vaginas. This Treatment is a series of treatments that are performed in the traditional way which has been around since ancient times. The way that is done is with fogging on the sex organs. This technique is done by entering the body on a special large-sized box. Clothes worn special clothes is also the hundred. While doing a hundred, a sitting position to be precise with the pussy is right above the hole hundred.

The use of hundred, among others, betel leaf, cinnamon, fragrant, root and leaves were burned using mayosi traditional furnaces. To get the maximum results do waxing on sex organs prior to making a hundred. The process of hundred takes approximately 30 minutes. In addition to caring for the female sex organs, hundred also for body treatments. As a result, the body will seem more fresh and fragrant.

In addition to women who had been married, hundred can also be made for unmarried women for vaginal care NET, a doormat, and fragrant. Should be done three times a week to get the optimal results. Whereas, for those of you who are already married, do treatment hundred before sex with husband. Course will provide a distinctive, sensai will provide its own impression.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tips On How To Whiten Underarm Skin Black

Among the various types of skin care, tips on how to whiten dark underarm skin may include any information that pretty much sought after by people. In General dark underarm skin actually is not a disease or certain medical conditions. It is just a skin condition that can be caused by a variety of factors.For tips on how to whiten your armpits, it is worth knowing in advance some of the main causes. In addition to events triggered by shaving armpit hairs and hair removal cream, use a factor of excess sweating, poor ventilation on the underarms, the buildup of dead skin cells, the use of deodorant containing alcohol to excess, smoking, diabetes, and obesity are said to be the cause of the underarm skin is blackened.

Some simple home treatments that can help you to brighten the underarm skin easily. And because of his natural, then you don't need to worry to be side effects. In addition, many people who have tried it say that following these ways proved to be potent and effective.

Tips Whiten Underarms Naturally:

The Potatoes.

This plant contains a very mild acid is effective as a natural skin whitener. To cope with the armpit skin black, there are 2 ways you can do. First you can slice the potatoes were widened, and then use it to rub the skin of the armpit. Secondly, the grated potatoes to taste, apply on the skin of the armpits, allow it to dry or about 10 minutes, then wash off with warm water. In addition to the efficacious, potatoes are also secure and will not irritate your skin. Do it regularly for maximum results.


As with potatoes, cucumbers also have natural bleaching properties. How to use it is also the same, rub your armpit skin with cucumber slices or using grated cucumber. If you want to combine it with other ingredients, then you're mixing grated cucumber with a little turmeric powder and lime juice. Apply on the skin above your armpit, allow up to about 30 minutes, and then wash off using cool water.


In addition to eliminating black spots, sandalwood is also powerful as underarm skin whitener. Create a thick paste by mixing sandalwood powder with rose water to brighten with the nature which is cool right. Apply this paste on your armpit, leave it on for about 15 minutes, then use cold water to clean it. In addition to helping to brighten a dark underarm skin, the scent of fragrant sandalwood can also help you solve the problem not foul body odor due to excess sweat.

Orange peel.

Don't rush to rid the skin of this fruit. Orange Peel is very powerful to help lift the dead skin cells, including those that lead to underarm skin became black.Pat dry the orange peel, then mash it into powder. Combine orange peel powder with rose water and a little milk until it becomes a thick paste. Use this paste to scrub your underarm skin is slowly for 10-15 minutes. After that, use cold water to clean it.


This includes a natural way not much known. Create a thick paste by mixing vinegar and rice flour. Brush the Paste on the skin of the armpits, wait for 10-15 minutes, then wash off using warm water. This traditional medicine will not only brighten your underarm skin, but will also kill all germs and bacteria the cause of body odor that eat dead skin cells.

To get real results and fast, do some tips how to whiten dark underarm skin above regularly every 2 days.

How to naturally Whiten the Crotch Black

Have white skin naturally groomed so yearning of all people, especially for the ladies. Not only whiten the face and skin, but other parts of the body also need to be treated to appear pure white. Including also sensitive parts such as the groin. This section may not be much exposed in General.

For this black crotch, there are numerous natural ways that you can do to get the groin skin white and clean.

Blackened skin instead of appearing without a cause. Her blackened skin color in this private area can occur due to the many factors that affected it. Hormonal factors ranging from to caused by irritation of the skin that makes having the excess pigmentation. Irritation may occur due to friction on the crotch of pants or that is not comfortable to wear. Typically, women with body fat will be more problematic with the skin of the groin which is black. Insulin resistance in people who have a body fat will trigger a black color in the area.

These are natural ways to whiten skin black crotch you can try:

Water Use Alum

The trick is quite simple, soak water alum with warm water then let the alum dissolves. Next, apply the solution to your crotch area using a soft towel. Doing it this way on a regular basis. The results will be evident after about two weeks.

Using Lime Juice

Lemons can also be used to whiten the crotch naturally. This material will certainly be easy for you to find in markets or supermarkets. How to use quite easily, by mixing lemon juice with whiting. When well blended, apply this concoction at the crotch area each time after showering. When did his groin skin routine that bright white and slowly surely you get.

Using Cucumber

In addition to the delicious food or a complement, any cucumber can be so versatile herbal potion, one of which is to whiten skin crotch. Cucumbers will be able to give a cool effect to the skin. Cucumber can brighten and whiten the skin, including skin black crotch. As for how to apply it in a way that is grated and take water mixed with cucumber essence water from lemon juice. Apply evenly on the crotch area. Doing this way on a regular basis, then it is undoubtedly in a period of approximately 2 weeks, the skin of the groin will seem brighter.

Such tips and how to naturally whiten the black crotch. Hopefully useful for you who want to get a crotch clean white skin naturally.