Sunday, July 13, 2014

Skin Care Tips While Pregnant

Do skin care during pregnancy, you should focus on the basics of skin care. Here are tips on skin care during pregnancy:
Cleanse The Skin

Start with a gentle cleanser. Dr. Amy Newburger, MD, a dermatologist from Westchester quoted from, recommend to use facial cleansers that do not contain or contain residue Glycerin. If your skin is very dry, Dr. Amy advise you to wash the skin with cleanser containing no SOAP and use a gentle cleanser and moisturizing. Flush faces no more than twice a day to avoid the skin becomes too dry.
Moisturize and protect the skin from the Sun

Additional important things you must do in your skin care routine during pregnancy (and later) is to use a moisturizer containing at least SPF 15, and protection against a broader spectrum (that work addressing the UVA and UVB rays).

During pregnancy, the increase in hormones triggered an increase in the number of pigment cells, which could lead to the emergence of pimples on the face, or "mask while pregnant." Use sunscreen every day either when it rains or not is the best way to avoid discoloration of the skin. If you are planning to travel outside under a hot sun or at the beach, protect yourself with sunscreen that is safe to use during pregnancy.
Acne and oil

Make it a habit to wash your face twice a day. A Mild Cleanser or mild facial cleanser is suitable for use during pregnancy. Use warm water in cleaning and rinsing, do it gently while rubbing my wok
If you are using hair oils each day, protect your face so as not to continue to be exposed to oily hair.
If your hair is often exposed to the face, change the style of your hair so that it does not continue to be exposed to areas of the face
Avoid the ways such as holding, squeeze or press the acne. That habit will only cause infection and may lead to the occurrence of scar tissue
If you use cosmetics during pregnancy, choose cosmetics that are made like water, noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic.
If you want to use the good use of drugs, use natural remedies first, such as the use of masks in eggs, apples and honey masks, etc, but if you want to use the good chemical-based medicine consult first with your doctor before choosing a drug that will be used, because the drug acne prone against the health of pregnant women and the fetus.

Quick and easy Makeup

When you are going to use makeup during pregnancy, keep sticking to a philosophy that says that makeup the thin is better. Using makeup in a manner such as this clearly will be faster and easier. Should you use for your best face is some multipurpose makeup products. The Foundation also serves as a disguise the stain is the best thing to cover Your eye circles and blemishes. The Foundation is also useful for members of color on the skin. Chubby pencil is the most easy to use objects for a given hue on eyes, lips, and cheeks and pencils will also be very easy to carry as it is not very appropriate for the size of your bag. If you are the type of person who won't leave the House without lipstick, make sure your lipstick contains moisturizers and sunscreen. For final polishing, use mascara could be removed as well as anti air and you will be ready to go through the day.
Be careful in the use of cosmetics

Always consult your doctor in case of drug use when you are pregnant including in the selection of cosmetics. Always check the procedures for the use, whether cosmetic ingredients are safe for use during pregnancy or not. If there is no description, check the basic ingredients of the cosmetic, if there are materials that are harmful to the pregnancy or not. To find out the type of cosmetics should be avoided during pregnancy