Monday, July 7, 2014

How To Care For Dry Skin Naturally

To get a smooth body and skin are also not dry not a dream anymore. With a couple of how to care for dry skin body here, you can get a healthy skin and smooth. Dry skin has several contributing factor.
Such as is due to the climate or weather, bathing too often with water that is too hot, soapy shower rough, too long exposed to the Sun without protection, and much more. Dry skin can we eliminate the natural way.
How To Care For Dry Skin Naturally

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How to care for dry skin body that first is the consumption of drinking water are numerous. The body needs at least 8 litres of water per day. Dry skin is caused due to the lack of water also in the body. White water can also neutralize the toxins in the body and also the dirt to cause the skin to become dry and dull.

Other causes of skin becomes dry is because less clean in the care of the body so much dirt that clings to. Do regularly clean the body. Use herbal SOAP because SOAP contains chemicals that can make your skin dry fast.

Lemon also has benefits to eliminate dead skin cells so that the skin can be more subtle. Leather wedges are also commonly used in cosmetics-cosmetics for body treatments.

You can sweep the lemon dry. Don't forget also to use after bath lotion or moisturizers that have the function of keeping skin moisture our bodies. Search for moisturizers that contain natural substances for the treatment of dry skin. Use after a bath or when going to bed.

Make it a habit to bathe twice a day so that the body of impurities. Rub the body with a towel gently. Hard rubbing will only make the skin become irritants that cause the skin to become dry.

While being active outdoors during the day, be sure to use a lotion with SPF is enough to avoid the potential negative effects of sunlight which can make the skin becomes dry. How to take care of the last body skin is enough to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a day.