Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Skin care and Face with honey

This time we will discuss about honey. Turns out the skin care and face with honey it is very good. In the field of beauty and healthy skin, honey is very instrumental to the stages advance wraps (cleansing cream) because of the content of natural honey without any mixture of chemicals able to moisturize the skin as well as nutrient nutrients to the skin, antibiotics contained in honey is capable to destroy dirt and germs that enter the pore pore skin.

How to care for skin and face using honey is as follows:

Mix one spoon of honey with 1 egg white grains, and then apply it on the face the skin surface and let sit for 30 min
After the dive lasts 30 minutes, wipe the face of the former brand of honey last with warm water and cold water alternately.
Then wipe the face with a cloth or towel so that the remaining water on the face of the net and that is known to the treatment after results.

Skin care and Face with honey a study of estheticians that masks a mixture of honey and egg whites were able to tighten the skin, nutrient content in honey and eggs are nutritious for skin the nutrients inside or outside. Honey and eggs is hygroscopic substances which function to absorb the toxins and impurities in the skin as well as adhesive and fasteners in the mask. Then washed with warm water and cold alternately then the facial skin will look clean and taut, this mask can be done 2 times a week and feel the difference after doing it regularly for a month.

In addition to skin care and facial mask, honey can also be used as a polishing of skin on the hands, fingers and nails. This time using lime juice honey blend nutritious capable of restoring cells cells and the skin is already damaged or old become young again. So the article on skin care and facial with our special auto summary honey for you. May be beneficial for you.