Sunday, November 16, 2014

4 Easy Movement to tighten Miss V Back

Often heard that gymnastics can help tighten kegel? miss V. what the heck is it? gymnastics kegel?

Gymnastics is gymnastics a kegel? in control and move the muscles at miss V, detained and released as holding pee. It's easy and can be done anywhere. Didn't even need any tools.

But in fact in addition to gymnastics kegel?, there are some motion exercises that you can do to help tighten miss V.

four easy movements of this you can do at home or at the gym and give satisfactory results.

Hip Abduction

Is the movement with the body perfect position, feet shoulder-width then opened the hand is placed at the waist so that the body remains balanced.
* Lift up one leg to the side to open wide
* Then lower your feet back and do in turn.
* This movement will help tighten the muscles of the buttocks muscles miss V, and inner thighs.
* Do 4 sets of 12 counts.

Stability Ball Reverse Curl

* Use the stability ball, position of the body lying with legs opened as wide as the shoulders.
* Lift up the foot position with one leg bent towards the stomach. Align the foot and hold it for a few seconds in the position of the foot drifts.
* Do with legs alternately.
* 12 count 4 sets.

Kickback leg curl

* Still on the stability ball, position the body face-down.
* Fixed Gaze straight ahead, then pull straight up and one leg and bend your back.
* When the foot is lifted to the top position, hold for a few seconds until the muscles of the buttocks, miss V, and thighs in a tense and seemed interested.

Hip Abductin

* Position the tilting body then one arm bent until elbows into the object.
* Lift up the body with the help of the other arm.
* Lift one foot up and hold for a few seconds.

All of the above movements serve to tighten the thigh in miss V. Very useful when done on a regular basis and provide effective results.